October 26, 2010 --
from an email I received:

Dear Philip,

This email is to inform you of two days during November that we will be closed, the dates are:
  • Wednesday 3rd November 2010
  • Thursday 4th November 2010
Please bare with us during these dates as no phone calls will be answered and no orders can be dispatched.

As the weather gets colder, I try not to bare much, especially while on the phone..

November 21, 2009
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5. Sic!
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Isthmus Magazine of 30 October discussed a public Halloween bash,
Marjorie Van Handel tells us. It wrote, "The desire to strut your
Sexy Noun outfit can be powerful stuff." She wrote, "Most people
prefer a Sexy Nun, except perhaps those wild and crazy English

We've been here before, I think, but Charles Patrick felt that the
London Free Press of Canada put it so pithily on 5 November: "All
pregnant women urged to get shot".

Shirley Thayer feels that, on the evidence of this line from the
Daily Beast of 15 November, the US Food and Drug Administration is
taking a short-term view: "The FDA is asking nearly 30 similar
manufacturers to offer scientific proof that their products are
safe within the next 30 days."

Child control, as practiced in Medford, Oregon: Seymour Collins
came across this reference in the Mail Tribune of 11 November: "If
you own guns and have children, it is important you store them in a
locked cabinet."

She must have been a busy seamstress, says Michael Grounds. The
Advertiser (Bendigo, Victoria) wrote on 13 November: "A Malaysian
woman concealed half a kilogram of heroin in hundreds of buttons on
dresses during a flight to Perth, the Australian Federal Police
claim. It is alleged about 500 grams of heroin was sewed into 574
buttons on 28 dresses."

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September 12, 2009
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5. Sic!
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"Orlando Bloom had a wide smile on his face as he helped girlfriend
Miranda Kerr into his car last night," began a story in the Daily
Mail on 4 September. It went on, "Australian supermodel Miranda
showed off the long limbs which helped her bag an A-list boyfriend
in a short pink strapless dress, with matching court shoes." The
photograph that accompanied the report, Philip Franklin comments,
suggested that Mr Bloom had had time to change into something less

September 12, 2009



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The concept of a zero-sum game was developed first in game theory: what one side gains the other loses. When applied to economics it is often contrasted with a “win-win” situation in which both sides can make gains without anyone losing. People who are unaware of the phrase’s origins often mistakenly substitute “gain” for “game.”

"...sights for bloom's...."

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