Here are the links to the pages/sites (at least one per teacher) demonstrating our wholehearted commitment to professional development. Please check back often, as we (separately and together) are truly the very embodiments of works in progress.

PHILIP FRANKLIN's e-portfolio appears here. It's a bit like poison ivy =you can look but you'd better not touch
QUESTION: Does guiding (encouraging?/facilitating?'demanding?) the professional development of others count as part of my own professional development?
You can read my blog on British Council's site.

bart-simpson2-generator.gif Some more new pages added!

Hayley's e-portfolyo

Jonathan Rutter's (unfinished) e-portfolio is here: http://jrutter.xbuild.com/
Sebnem Oral's web site: Miss Sebnem's website
Sebnem Oral's e-portfolio: Miss Sebnem e-portfolio
Kate Holmes' new & improved e-portfolio

Burcu Kayıtmaz's e-portfolio is UPDATED.
[http://www.freewebs.com/dannyglasner/] There are new videos and photo slideshows of grade 5's and 8's If you're interested.

Michael Barnable's e-portfolio is here.
Erica Sanford's e-portfolio is here.
Burcu Apaydın's e-portfolio is here. (updated)
Betül Mutver's e- portfolio is here.
Here's my (Şeyda Nicoletta Tengizman) e-potfolio.I've updated some things..

İpek Kurcan Şahin's e-portfolio! Check it out here
Uğur Şahin's e-portfolio is here
Janset Müge ALTAY's portfolio is here.
And here is Sebnem's e-portfolio.​
Funda Dogrul's e-portfolio
is here! Just check it out! Recently UPDATED!
Hayley Berkel's e-portfolio is here It's a start..

Pınar Alastal

is updated und Pinar's Wiki is updated too

Müge Çınar Veziroğlu's e-portfolio is updated :)

Fulya's e-portfolio is here. Here is Fulya's blog. (for the reflections on my areas of interest and required readings)
Zeynep Argic's e-portfolio is here.
Nick Manthei's e-portfolio is here.
Sibel Barsamyan's e-portfolio-just startedhere
Handan Yıldız's e-portfolio is here.
Şeyla Kutlar's e-portfolio is here.
Gülen Çakmak's e-portfolio is http://gulen.xbuild.com
Evrim Kaçar is here.http://evrimkacar.wikispaces.com/
Here is Deniz TUNA's e-portfolio
Here appears the e-portfolio of Sinan Altuntaş.
Ebru Erisken Atay's e-portfolio is http://ebruerisken.xbuild.com/#|here.
Here is my portfolio:) http://elifk.wikispaces.com (I've updated some parts and added my blog of reflections:) )
Simin Demir's e-portfolio is here.
Ebru Ünlühan's e-portfolio is http://ebruunluhan.xbuild.com/
Ben Donnelly's porfolio is here.
Sam Turner's portfolio is here www.samturner.xbuild.com
Caroline E. Gençel's e-portfolio is here
Jason Moore's e-portfolio is www.jasonmoore.xbuild.com, under construction .
Here's Arzu YOLACAN's e-portfolio. I have updated it and still there are things I want to add.
Lana Yılmaz`s e-portfoliocheck it out!
Andrew McDaniel's e-portfolio is here .
Meryem Yıldırım's e-portfolio is here.
Barkan Tekdoğan
Kenneth Page's e-portfolio: http://kennethpage.xbuild.com. In Progress.
Cigdem Evcioglu's e-portfolio is here.
Lynne's e-portfolio can be viewed here.
Sian's e-portfolio is under construction and over here

Jennifer Collins: e-portfolio is HERE

Mr. Kurrass's e portfolio Click here

Serhat TOMAS: My new e-portfolio
I will add more stuff, though.

Sinan's e-portfolio can be viewed here.

Matt Tenerowicz's unfinished e-portfolio is HERE

Click on me:)