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The best application that I would recommend is Google Web Page Creator (Nathalia - May 2007)
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Comment : (Nathalia - May 2007)
You have to register in google to use the Web Page Creator. If you have an Gmail email account ( username@gmail.com ) you can use your email’s username and password to login ( you do not need to register again!) It is a user friendly application, easy to use and update. Note that there is no advertisements at the web pages. To build a Web page you do not need to download any extra plugin.
I just created my web page at : http://nathaliahaas.googlepages.com

Web Creator and Blog - Sampa (link provided by P. Franklin - May 2007)


Comment: ( Nathalia) Friendly interface, good application with blog, photo album and favority links. Advertisements at the bottom of the page.

Yahoo ! Geocities Web Page Creator


(Nathalia - May 2007) You have to register in Yahoo to use the Web Page Creator. If you have an Yahoo email account ( username@yahoo.com ) you can use your email’s username and password to login ( you do not need to register again! ) You can build pages using two different applications:

1.”Page Wizards” gives you the choice to choose between some templates, after that it helps you to build a page step by step. If you want any change you will have to go step by step until you find where is the informaton and change it. I made an example at : http://www.geocities.com/nathaliahaas/test.html

2. “Yahoo Page Builder”: In order to use this application, you will need to install “Java TM Plataform”. You might spend some time installing them if your connection is not so fast ( I had some difficult on doing it myself !). Yahoo Page Builder Software is not very hard to use but also not very easy. You can choose interesting templates, with the whole web page structture ready to be used (like the one I choose and used http://www.geocities.com/nathaliahaas/ ) Yahoo builder also adds some links to Yahoo web sites to gain internet traffic and you get also a lot of advertisements at the right hand site of your web page.



Comment: (Nathalia - May 2007)
The interface is quite easy but not very well done. You can add music and animations to the website.It has a lot of advertiments. I just created a web site at : http://www.freewebs.com/tvoenglish/index.htm



Link provided by Zeynep in May 2007
Comment : (Nathalia - May 2007)
TVO test at : http://tvo7-english.piczo.com
I used the application and changed the “main page” and “Favorite Music” page.
Positive: nice designs for students, friendly interface
Negative:Navigation bar does not exist (like if you go to “Favorite Music” you can only return to your main page, you can not access another page.. you might have to create links on each page...);I came across very strong ads. They keep on blinking and might disturb...

A free web page creator! (No need to say that you accept the ads:) )