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April 26, 2011
Cartoons (only for kids) = Kid Mango

star.pngA long-lost favorite wormed it's way back into (or out of) my brain this morning:
= interesting and entertaining video tours of places around the world. Try it.

Added to the main page on October 16, 2009 by pf:
This link will take you to many excellent free lecture videos on a variety of topics. Highly recommended for lycee and above. There's even one about justifiable cannibalism.

ADDITIONAL VIDEO LINKS -- just begging to be annotated (perhaps by you)

There are many other alternatives to youtube. Here are some:
By Özge

REAL ENGLISH star.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gif=
Link provided by Philip -- October 2008
You'll be hard-pressed to find anything more simple, yet natural. The site contains episodes which are a series of mini-interviews with passers-by. Exercises, too. The English is absolutely real.

Comments: (Nurhan Demirbilek) I think it's a great idea! Students watch and listen to real people speaking "real English". So authentic!


This is a quite interactive website.
Here you can find videos about almost everything:) You can create your own playlist, check your stats, get embed codes and share your video with the world.

Link provided by Sinan - August 2008

ESL VIDEO (DOT) COMstar.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gif
Link provided by Philip - October 2007
Comments: An awfully impressive collection of videos and quizzes at various levels; the actors are "real people" speaking "real English." Plus, you can add your own quiz. Highly recommended.
== star.gif
Link provided by Nathalia - June 2007
Comments: (Nathalia) A very good web site with a lot of videos that can be used by Instructors all over the world.

YouTube - The Elephant Song - Cool Tunes for Kids by Eric Hermanstar.gif
Link provided by Philip - May 2007

To check more videos from Eric Herman Click on:
Comments: (Nathalia) This is a nice and simple example of how you can teach-learn with pleasure.


Link Provided by Nazmiye
Date: May 2007
(Nazmiye) I thought this link is worth seeing.
(Nathalia) The idea of this web site is very good. Instructors could make a video and upload it. The problem with this web site is that it seams that the video file they use is very big and they do not use video streaming. Here you have to wait until the whole file is downloaded to watch it.

Student Video Competition

Link Provided by Philip
Date: May 2007
(Nathalia)The deadline for the next competition is very near (May 15th) but you might use this idea in the future. Note from the Site: “However, more than a competition, the ESL Oscars is a fun activity where all students that participate have a chance to practice, get valuable feedback from their teacher and judges and improve their spoken English.”

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