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Date: April 2007
Name: Philip Franklin

(Nathalia - April 2007) Very good web site. Very simple and friendly user interface.
Examples: (Nathalia - April 2007) (Arzu Yolaçan - May 2007)
(Zeynep Bekar - May 2007) We have already used for prep's weekend worksheet listening tasks. It is easy to use and students have no difficulty in connecting it.

Answering the question from Gokcen: "How do I create VoiceThreads that contain text, like quotes, poetry, or questions?"
and as Belgun wanted to do some work on Lance Armstrong I prepared an example of Voicethread with text at: (Nathalia - May 2007)

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(link provided by Nathalia - May 2007)
Comment: ( Nathalia) Listening Lab with audio and exercises. Very weldone web site.

You can create your own voice channel at :
Link provided by: Philip Franklin

(Nathalia - April 2007)
I've created some test channels. Please try:
Main Page:
Phrases -
Short Stories -
Test Vaestro -

All control is done by the administrator (approve or reject postings). It is a little bit hard to organize the forum, but after you learn to get used with the links, it is not so difficult. After creating a forum and the subject you just need to give the link to your students. Recording is quite easy. But remember, if you created the forum you are the moderator.
About registration: When you register TVO mail service does not accept a confirmation email send by this service. So you might have to use another email account to register

(Nazmiye - April 2007)
Here is the link of the voice messages which will be given to the students this weekend.



Date: April 2007
Name: Philip Franklin


Date: April 2007
Name: Philip Franklin

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