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Larry Ferlazzo has a list of great sites -- actually many such lists, but you could start here.
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TRY THIS in your class with your students if you're creating any mind-maps and decorate your walls.Check mine and click on "create".


by Sebnem
November 6, 2008


This list was put together by The Center for Learning and Performance Technologies after a survey of learning professionals. You can find the complete list here here.You wil see the top learning tools for 2008 including Moodle,Slideshare,Twitter,del.cio.us and many more. In fact, we have been using them for a long time but still it's nice to see that we are doing something good!!
Date: May 2008
Source by Özge.


Date: September 2007 (link provided by Philip Franklin)
Comments: For the edification of all. Not everything in life is free, but information often is. One more competency mastered, a zillion more to go.

Eduforge star.gif

Date: May 2007 (link provided by Philip Franklin)
Comments: (Nathalia) A very good link with a very extend list of useful links regarding Leraning Resources: e-learning / open source blogs & wikis, associations / organizations, open source knowledge portal, technology and education knowledge portal, distance learning / e-learning portal, e-brary, standards, e-journals (U.K, Europe, Australasia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Canada), ICT and education, principles / good practice of online pedagogy and open source and e-learning.
(Philip) More than anyone could ever know.

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Date: May 2007 (link provided by Philip Franklin)
Comments: (Nathalia) The Learning Tools is a project at the University of British Columbia. Their intention is to create new and improved technology-based learning opportunities for students and educators to facilitate teaching and learning. List of Tools:Timeline Tool, Discussion Extractor, WYSIWYG Tool, Multimedia Learning, Object Authoring Tool, Character Stroke Recorder, Vocabulary Memorization Platform, Image Annotation, and Language Pronunciation Tool.
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