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PLEASE TRY . It's great for describing the emotion shown on a face.
pfranklin, August 2011

Why don't you try these websites. You can even use them for the weekend assignments.
(Thank you Ozge and Seyla)
Arzu Yolacan October 29, 2008

Here is the cartoon that our students have created. They have drawn and coloured all the pictures of the story and we recorded their voices for the cartoon. They are only six year old students but they have already done a lot and they got their very first video for their portfolios.
Here it is:

Have a look at this survey please:

Source by Özge K; August 2008.

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Link Provided by Philip - June 2007 ----==

DFilm - Movie Maker star.gif

(Nathalia - April2007) Philip just send me this link and I made a movie to share with you. Please watch at :
You can write your feedback here !
''I have been using this site for two years. It is more than great especially for the eight periods when students get really really bored it is a lifesaver I can honestly say it!'' BURCU KAYITMAZ-
Have a look also at the comments from "Learning technology teacher development blog for ELT Blog":
Note: TVO emails spam Dfilm moviemaker invitations. Please use an alternative email to send the invitation.
AYSE created a digital movie. You can view it at the following URL:


Toondoo comicsstar.gif

Comment: (Nathalia - May 2007) This one is the best from I have seen. You have to register to use it. You can save your work and also add it to your blog. Very well done and nice designs to choose.

Comic Creatorstar.gif

Comment: (Nathalia - May 2007) You can create your own comic. You can not save. You will have to print it. The students will enjoy this link.

Make Belief Comix

Comment (Philip May 2007) What if each student in a given class had to make one -- then email it to the class blog?
Comment (Nathalia May 2007) You can create your own comic. You can email or print your comic.

Witty Comics

Comment (Nathalia - May 2007) You can create your own comic. You need to be a member to be able to save your work.


(Nathalia - April 2007) Philip just told me this link .You can create an animated phrase adding for each word a picture and send a message like bellow inviting another person to have a look at it. I made one animation twice but I guess I was unlucky because two of the pictures I choose did not come at the final animation:
or you can have a look at the site’s archieve:

(Zeynep BEKAR) Hi Nathalia,I had a look at it and it looks fun :) I tried some phrases and I loved their images. maybe we should find a way to use it in Vocabulary Teaching.
(Özge) I really liked the site, The best thing is that you can change the pictures if you don't like them. Here's mine. Have a look at it please.

A site where you can create games, activities and diagrams on flash! (Esra Akiskali)