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Comment: (Philip) This one is a place for us to freely exchange ideas. It's ad-free and, for the moment, does not require posters to register. You might set one up for each of your classes and have your students register so they can submit their work to you online.

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Comment: (Nathalia) Auser-friendy forum. Easy to build - control - participate
Burcu Kayitmaz started a forum at


Comment: (Nathalia)
I just created a new application. It is a Blog and a Forum at
You have to be a member to create/post/add/monitor a forum/blog. You will have to register and as an administrator I will confirm the registration. To start I created some forum/blog themes and one event.

This link was provided by Philip, it is a very frendly web site. They have some adds, but not so agressive ( always at the bottom of the page).

Please have a look and if you have time please try. Thanks.