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Philip send me a link with a very well written article : “Wiki Pedagogy”star.gif

Please have a look at : http://www.profetic.org/dossiers/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=110

I just copy-paste this as a tip for you:

How to begin

  • Begin with a period of open use (i.e. a sandbox).
  • Use introductory activities (e.g. "who’s who", movie reviews) and other not-required-but-useful activities to convince students of the utility of the exercise by generating discussions.
  • Get students to post questions and requests for other students to answer; people are happy to help when someone actually seems to want the help.
  • Plan what will be covered in future class meetings.

Where to end

  • Don’t.

Wiki Spacesstar.gif


Main TVO Wiki Space: http://tvo.wikispaces.com

Please have a look also at :
Cigdem's Wikispace: http://tvo7.wikispaces.com
Burcu's Wikispace: http://tvo4.wikispaces.com

Comments : (Nathalia - April 2007)Friendly interface, easy to be used by teachers (as simple as an text editor, help file as a video, with good explanation on how to work with wikispace). Sometimes it does not save correctly the web pages (change font size, extra characters appears – file source characters)
Good Basic features: insert text + insert picture + add link + add file (word excel) + Navigation bar.
No complicated features: text color, font type Advertisements disturb a liitle bit at the right hand size of the web pageLink found from Larry Ferlazzo web site http://www.bayworld.net/ferlazzo/english.html
Features Listed on the Website:public : anyone can edit, anyone can see
protected: anyone can see, members can edit
private : members can see, members can edit

Examples of Educational Wikis (link provided by Nathalia - May 2007)star.gif http://educationalwikis.wikispaces.com/Examples+of+educational+wikis

Total file storage 2 GB
Users, pages, messages - unlimited
Upload file size 10 MB
WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page editor
Standard features: Picture and File Manager, Easy Linking, Powerful Search, Creative Commons and Custom Licensing, Space Backups, Public and Protected area (Private Spaces are payed 5usd pro month), Visual Page Histories, Easy Page Reverting, RSS Feeds,Email Notifications, Discussion forums, Blog Integration, Tags, Wikispam Protection,SSL Encryption, Space Histories,Navigation Sidebar, Space Statistics, Embedded Media, Themes and Stylesheets, Autosave.


PBwiki http://pbwiki.com/

TVO Wiki Space: http://tvo-english.pbwiki.com
Comments : (Nathalia - April 2007) Disadvantage: just 10 MB storage for free users. No statistics available for Basic (free) users, just for Premium users./ TVO mail service accepts registration email

Features for Basic (free) listed on their Website:
public : anyone can edit, anyone can see
private : members can see, members can edit

Unlimited pages and unlimited revisions, Secure login, Snapshot Zip backup, RSS/Atom feeds, 10 MB for files, 3 professional CSS designs, Ad-free

Serverside Wiki http://www.serversidewiki.com

Comments : (Nathalia - April 2007)
Easy to use, but do NOT allow multiple users.
Note from the web site: Currenty, the service is free for all, included paid features. This will change after launch.

Jotspot http://www.jotspot.com/

Comments : (Nathalia - April 2007)
Google has acquired JotSpot. It might be a good wiki since Google is a very strong service provider. But now it is close for new users (April 2007).