Dear Philip,
I am sure that you are busy and dealing with so many things just before the term break but I just wanted to share something with you, maybe you can find a conclusion which will be good for both of us.

I am interested in taking an online certificate to polish up myself. It is given my Harvard's Graduate School of Education. Maybe you have heard about it. This school has a great online program called WIDE World. WIDE World offers online certificate courses for educators on different topics. The courses are highly reccomended, well designed and planned out. Here is where I need your help, there is a discounted fee for people who sign up as part of a group. If we are 5 people each student pays 449$ instead of 599$. -Maybe the discount is not so significant but as an unemployed person, I have to care about it-

Do you think people from Terakki may be interested to be involved? If they do, we will save money and have gained new insight about our teaching. I will be very pleased if you announce it maybe some colleques would like to participate.

Here is the information about the course:

Differentiating Instruction: Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners
What are the unique educational needs of English Language Learners, and how can you best meet them? Throughout this course, you'll work with proven strategies to make your curriculum more accessible to students at different levels of English proficiency. With the help of fellow educators, a coach, and an instructor, you will learn new approaches that will enable you to: implement adaptive technologies to improve student performance, support higher-level, collaborative inquiry in your classroom; design alternative ways for English Language Learners to convey their content-area understanding; and identify opportunities for more ongoing assessment.

The course will show how you how to identify your students’ language learning needs and target their strengths. You will also learn the research behind differentiated instruction and how it is relevant to English Language Learners.

The core questions we will investigate during this course are:
•How do I best assess the language and learning needs of my students who are learning English?
•What is differentiated instruction and how can it help me to better serve English Language Learners (ELL) in my classroom?
•What are effective differentiated instructional strategies for teaching ELL students?
•How do I plan differentiated lessons/units, based on English as a Second Language (ESL) and state standards, and implement them in my classroom?
To answer these, we will:
•Show you how you how to identify your students' language learning needs and target their strengths
•Outline the research behind differentiated instruction and explain its relevance to English Language Learners
•Give you practical strategies on how to incorporate ongoing assessment, tiered activities for all levels of learners, and adaptive technologies to improve student performance
•Redesign a "Work-in-Progress" unit or other project you teach to better serve English Language Learners

$449 per team member
$599 individual

For detailed information:

The course starts on February 4. So interested candidates have to be quick. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time. I wish you a wonderful day.

Best Regards