If we begin by brainstorming activities based on age and proficiency, we'll have made a good start.

Check out idea #32! http://bigthink.com/blogs/dangerous-ideas
[Probably best for 8th grade students and students in our lycee.]

Let's have a look at The Amazing Web 2.0 Project Book by Terry Freedman. It includes 87 edutech projects!! We can have our own e-book at the end of the year =)

Teaching Summarizing Using Prezi
Teaching summarizing is difficult and requires commitment and persistence before the students can grasp and implement its usage. This Prezi goes through the basics of what students do vs what we would like them to do. Using web 2.0 technology to teach a difficult concept is a great way to grab and keep their attention while they work through the process of skill acquisition. In grade 6 public space, you can find a word doc with teachers' notes that provides a variety of strategies.

Who doesn't like field trips? What about virtual ones?

Here's one for the teachers to ponder:http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/content/nov2010/bs2010115_478844.htm

"It's a tsunami in the industry and what you've seen happen with the media moving to the Internet is coming to education," says Cabrera. "It's a [trend] that you can ignore at your own peril."