Your task is to master CEFR Chapter 9 Assessmant and to present it to your colleagues in an easily understandable form.
Would the reporter for this group please list the names of all group members? Also, please post the two T/F statements that we did not discuss with the three other groups.

Ceyhun Korkmaz
Müge Veziroğlu
Pınar Alastal
Esin Amasya
Hülya Sabınlı
Vesile Acar
Yonca Akyürek
Reyhan Kara
Şafak Ucur
Ece Kocaer
Jülide Barkçın
Neslihan Tonga
Maera Heubach

The two T/F statements are:
  1. The Terakki CEFR Portfolio has sections for four languages.
  2. CEFR can be used as an analytical instrument.

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