Write your personal learning plan and post it here.

Steps to Creating a Personal Learning Plan

1. Goal. Pick your path. “I want steady professional employment in the field of sustainability.” “I want to combine teaching English with travel.” "I want to start video blogging." "I want to improve my knowledge of alternative economics."

2. Current Status. Relevant experience, interests and accomplishments, both academic and extracurricular. College courses taken, creative pursuits, volunteer work, personality test results.

3. Learning Steps: Content and skills you’ll need to master--be specific! People or organizations that may become a part of your quest; Courses you want to take; Groups to join; Specific books, videos, websites that you want to read, watch, or use.

4. Experiential Steps: the experiences you want to pursue as part of your learning, including internships, volunteering, travel, leadership of an organization, or experience working with a mentor.

5. Who Can Help: Parent, sibling, friend, P2PU student—someone needs to read this learning plan and help hold you accountable for it.

6. Next Steps: What are you going to do in the next day, week, month, and year to make your plan a reality? It’s a good idea to review weekly, monthly, or every semester with your guide from step 5.



Personal Development Plan-ERDEM.doc