you_werent_downloaded.jpgThe immense and the growing change in technology and the web based tools in the last decade have already driven historic changes in our teaching and learning. Today, we are teaching a new generation that is built on communication, interaction and collaboration and we have to catch up and keep up with the immense and the ever changing world of technology because learning is now anytime and anywhere. As the educators of the 21st century, we must see ourselves as a part of this global community and we must be willing to collaborate and reflect what happens in our classes with the rest of the world.

Here are the areas that we will cover on the course:
Exploring the Web Byte by Byte (3 hours): Introduction to educational technologies with basic and well known Web 2.0 tools through blogs.
Four Skills Challenge Through Web 2.0 Tools (3 hours): Innovative uses of different Web 2.0 tools to reinforce four different skills and using the tools to prepare homework for different level of students.
Digital Storytelling in the 21st Century Classroom(3 hours): Combining literacy and technology to create digital stories using podcasts, videos and picture resources.
Media Rich Learning Environments(3 hours): Creating a PLN (Personal Learning Network), building the skills needed to engage in collaborative activities, creating e-portfolios and getting the most out of technology for professional development.

Here are the participants:
Janset Altay, Hayley Erol, Şebnem Oral, Şeyla Kutlar, Ebru Ünlühan,Arzu Yolaçan, İpek Şahin, Uğur Şahin, Eda Temiz, Pınar Alastal, Ebru Atay, Deniz Tuna, Çiğdem Evcioğlu, Matthew Tenerowicz.

Our course starts the first week of October. It will be from 16:00-17:00 and it will take 12 weeks. The course will be given in English.