Music Is Our Theme Now


November 16, 2009.

It would be GREAT to have details of how this year's theme has been implemented so far.

Eagerly awaiting your input, for example:

Students might work on








This was something recently we did in 3rd Grade but it went so good and the children liked it a lot that I wanted to mention. There were about 10 different photos of nature and landscape in the book, taken in different seasons. And there were 10 different pieces of music composed by various composers e.g. Vivaldi, Bach etc. I told my students to look at the pictures for 2 minutes. Then they closed their eyes and I started to play pieces of music. After each music I stopped and asked them about how/what they felt, and which season or image they can relate the music to.The answers were surprisingly similar and they really enjoyed the time. They also felt very peaceful and relaxed they said.

In another activity we matched the colours with pieces of music.We also learned about adjectives to describe our feelings.

Learning about the instruments, kinds of music, composers and famous pieces of music around the world were the other related topics.

A useful link for the music theme.
Burcu Kayıtmaz

Here is "La Valise de Dorothée"
It's about clothes vocabulary in french.
Have fun:)

by Müge Çınar Veziroğlu

ional communicator who escaped from former East Germany to the West in 1960. As a German teacher at
the New School in New York City, Uwe developed SingLing, a language learning technique based on familiar tunes, which he later refined as a graduate student at Harvard University. Uwe has since published four SingLing books which are used by students and teachers world-wide as a fun and effective way to learn conversational German, Spanish, and English (as a second language)...
Last year I joined one of his seminars. It was very great and useful! Then in 2008 we made a german dance with the 5.graders at the Quiz Show.
The dance's name is "ICH BIN COOL" :)) which means "I am cool".
The aim of the song is teaching the verb "to be". The song was learned very well by the students!!
Here is his official website from Uwe Kind
Have fun!
by Pınar Alastal

Food and music together! Let's make our students write the story of the lonely tomato...

Videos by Eric Herman. Click on the playlist: Amazing!

Eric Herman on MUZU.

4&5 English

Stories through Symphonies, Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf - Something I remember from my own, not so very distant primary school days!

Students can learn the names and recognise the sounds of different instruments to help them tell a story in their own words. Each character in the story is represented by a different instrument, so a great way to tell (and understand!) stories without dialogue. This school has already tried it:

Would be nice if we could get hold of the newest version of the animation:

Odd instruments - Students might want to guess what kind of sounds these odd instruments make and how they are played.

The future of music concerts or a great way to teach noisy classes? :)


Do you use the stairs? How about having our students come up with creative projects?

By Sinan

The 1st link I want to share is going to be our #1 as lower primary teachers. This marvellous site have different sections I explained below.
Creature Karaoke (where you meet Snow Leopard-ish, Elephant-ish and Grizzly Bear-ish FUN
· Songs: You can sing along with famous Mister Rogers.
· Share-a-song -Dragon Tales: You can read the dragon tales and listen to the Dragon Tunes. The stories are so good- Forest of Darkness is my favourite .
· Music Videos:Watch and sing along.

If you click on the character pictures (at the bottom of the main page) you’ll see different activities that come with each character such as Musical Lanters, Make a sound, Listen to a stor y or Colour a page…Try the elephant.It comes with two beautiful sections: Savanna Symphony and Better Together Video

Guess we’ll have such a great musical year using this site as 1-2-3 teachers !
As #2 , here is a non-profit resource for kids and children's performers worldwide.
They even have a Kids’ Public Radio you can listen to with three 24/7 channels .
And the 3rd one is the place for great free songs for kids.There are no guarantees how long any of them will be there, so grab them now!


Esra Akiskali
You will find well-crafted music from talented, fiercely-independent children's music artists:

Create your own music:

creating music

About music and the people who make music:

DSO Kids

A website on making your own musical instrument like maracas, lute, boom-bah and rain stick

This website has several teaching ideas on how to introduce musical instruments and listening to music.

A site written for music educators but has many teaching ideas and suggestions on how to use songs in class.

Dan and the Magic Musician is a very interesting website about a little boy learning about pipe organs. The site was created by University of Bradford, UK. and there is an animated video of the story as well as some colouring pages and teaching activities.

FOOD FOR YOUR EYES, EARS, AND SOUL. (free baby hamsters if you can guess who sent this to me.) bach_notes.mp4

Some links for our Music Theme:

The National Association for Music Education

Classics for kids

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site

Singing Telegram Machine (My fave)

Generate your own musical contribution

Let's sing

Music Maker

Make your music

The Rain Deer Orchestra
Posted Today 8:20 am - [delete]

Music composed from birds on phone lines

Dance Mat Typing

Interactive web radio

Free classical music

Music Text Composition

Red Karaoke

Music composed from birds on phone lines

Some links for our theme ♪♪♪

Music for great independent kids:

National Anthems from different countries:

For the ones who want to start a journey into the realm of music. You can choose the lesson and the trainer:

To give peace a chance with music:

To generate musical accompaniment to match a singer's voice (Great website for the poems and songs written in the class):


I found this great Canadian :) website that has lots of links to use music in the classroom.

Here is a great article about music and character judgement.

Studies at the University of Cambridge claim that we use music to identify ourselves and form ideas about other people. Here is the link and video.

(Maybe we can have students carry out a survey about the correlation of ipod lists and character . Sounds interesting!)


A great website with interactive games, videos, composers and instruments gallery.

Songs with related activities to practise vocabulary, grammar, sounds, etc.

A place to learn music and play solfege.

Lugwig van Beethoven's biography.

Free worksheets, certfificates, sheet music and a library!

Song lyrics to teach grammar and vocabulary.

4th & 5th Grade English Teachers :)

This website contains English nursery rhymes and kid songs from all around the world and the good news is that the site can be viewed in French and Spanish,too:)

This site is created by a Turk; you can find any song you want and listen to it!

Şeyda Nicoletta