Your task is to master CEFR Chapter 5 Learning Competencies and to present it in an easily understandable form to your colleagues.


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CEFR Chapter 5 - The User/Learner's Compentences

1. General Competences
a) Declarative Knowledge
b) Sociocultural Knowledge
c) Skills and Know-how

2. Linguistic Competences
a) Lexical Competence
b) Grammatical Competence
c) Semantic Competence
d) Phonological Competence
e) Orthographic Competence
f) Ortheopic Competence

3. Sociolinguistic Competence

4. Pragmatic Competence

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CEFR T/F Statements:

1. The CEFR sets specific classroom objectives for specific learner groups.

2. The creators of the CEFR disappeared under mysterious circumstances in July 2009 and have yet to be accounted for.

3. One of the four general domains of language use is the occupational domain.

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