The recent IATEFL British Council free Exeter online conference proceedings can to be found at
http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=189

(You will need to register first, but that costs nothing.)

The current up-to-date list of recordings is as follows:

(Click on the titles to go directly there, or enter via their respective Special Interest Areas.)

Catherine Walter & Michael Swan - Teaching reading skills - mostly a waste of time?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=229>(Applied Linguistics)

- Robert Hill - Expansive reading: the text and beyond
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=148>(Literature, Media & Cultural Studies, Materials Development)

- Margit Szesztay - Using visuals creatively
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=150>(Teacher Development)

- Jennifer Uhler & Jeffrey Mattison - Interactive group blogging: teacher reflection, global connections
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=146>(Teacher Training & Education, Teacher Development)

- Janice Bland - Choosing literary texts for critical literacy in language education
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=145>(Young Learners, Literature, Media & Cultural Studies)

- Graham Stanley - Tales of mystery and imagination: teenage learners and second life
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=147>(Learning Technologies, Learner Autonomy)

- Zarina Subhan-Brewer - From the language of colonialism to that of conflict mitigation?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=140>(Global Issues)

- John Wells & Gerald Kelly - Is it time to lay R.P. to rest?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=126>(Pronunciation)

- Susan Barduhn - What keeps teachers going? What keeps teachers developing?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=144>(Teacher Training & Education, Teacher Development)

- Gary Motteram - Sociocultural language teacher education
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=143>(Teacher Training and Education, Teacher Development)

- Anna Gorevanova - Encouraging learner autonomy: the SOLC experience
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=142>(Learner Autonomy)

- Ian McMaster - So who can't you understand and why?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=141>(Business English)

- Barry Tomalin - How to teach culture?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=139>(Literature, Media & Cultural Studies)

- Bev Davies - The real world? Taking ESOL support beyond academic survival
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=138>(ESOL)

- Anne Burns - Curriculum research and practice in Australian ESOL
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=136>(ESOL)

- Gavin Dudeney - Net advantage: marketing 2.0
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=127>(ELT Management, Learning Technologies)

- Hugh Dellar - ELF – and other fairy stories
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=137>(Global Issues)

- Hyoshin Kim - Bringing debate into the classroom
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=135>(Young Learners)

Discussion threads are available for all the above presentations, in their
respective Special Interest Areas.

Recordings of sessions that were broadcast live

- The Pecha Kucha session
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=225>

- Alastair Pennycook's plenary session - Changing global ELT
practices*<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=131#Pennycook>

- British Council panel discussion - Debating frameworks for diversity
and equal opportunity in ELT
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=131#BC>

- Closing plenary - Radmila Popovic - Forging peace through ELT: utopia or reality?
<http://exeteronline.britishcoun ?id=227>

Others will be available soon.